He continued his charade as the lunatic Mo Xuanyu, complaining against Jiang Cheng's use of power, even asking if Jiang Cheng wished to take him back to Lotus Pier for sexual purposes, before adding that Lan Wangji was more his type. As several cultivators noted the similarities between the Guanyin statue's face and Jin Guangyao, Clan Leader Yao eagerly asserted that he had intended for people to worship him as a god. 46 Episodes. [37], Hiding among the heavenly beast statues atop the Palace of Sun and Flames, Wei Wuxian witnessed Jin Guangshan pour out the ashes of, supposedly, Wen Qing and Wen Ning, before pledging to lay siege to the remaining fifty or so members of the Qishan Wen Clan on the Burial Mounds. [14], Sometime later, the Qishan Wen Clan summoned twenty junior disciples from all of the major clans to attend their training, claiming that the other clans taught poorly and wasted talent. Xiao Zhan (adult)Su Yaxin (child), 夷陵老祖 – Yílíng lǎozǔ夷陵 yílíng – a place; 'barbarian mound'老祖 lǎozǔ – patriarch, Wei Wuxian did not recall much about his parents, who died during a night-hunt while he was quite young. [101], Su She then arrived carrying the unconscious Nie Huaisang as another captive, and proceeded to mock Lan Wangji. Zhang Jie (donghua) Lu Zhixing (audio drama) ... Wei Wuxian would help save a group of young cultivators that included Lan Sizhui, Lan Jingyi, and Jin Ling from some walking corpses while teaching them important tips in observing situations involving walking corpses and how to best fight against them. Unable to wait any longer, Wei Wuxian then shouted to all present: "Lan Zhan! Wei Wuxian suggested a tavern as the perfect place to glean information, and their waiter eagerly informed them of the story involving the massacre of the Yueyang Chang Clan,[61] and the survivor Chang Ping's subsequent murder a few years later. When Jiang Cheng approached and failed to stab his brother, Wei Wuxian seized the chance to fall. Jiang Yanli had made soup for her brothers and even gave some to Wen Ning, though he could not eat. [139], Wei Wuxian's death occurred at the Bloodbath of Nightless City, rather than in the First Siege of the Burial Mounds. When Yu Ziyuan spoke with her, Wang Lingjiao announced that she had come to punish Wei Wuxian for 'distracting' Wen Chao while he killed the Tortoise of Slaughter. [28], At the archery competition to start the hunt, Wei Wuxian scoffed at Jin Zixuan's arrogance. [5], Wei Wuxian earned further disapproval by suggesting that the harnessing of resentful energy could enable cultivators to bypass need for a Golden Core. They also related that Wen Ning lived nearby, and often assisted them on their night-hunts with Jin Ling. After informing him that he wished to find Wen Ning, a remnant of the Qishan Wen Clan that Jin Zixun had captured, their argument escalated until Jin Guangshan stepped in. Wei Wuxian then arrived at a private banquet, drank the alcohol Jin Zixun had been pressuring the Jades of Lan into drinking, and demanded an audience with Jin Zixun. [51], Although Wei Wuxian cried and refused to enter, Lan Wangji told Lan Sizhui and Lan Jingyi to drag him inside once he finished crying. Media They claimed that that Wen Ning had lost control again during his surrender, killing cultivators from multiple clans, before he and his sister were burned alive. Unfortunately, Wen Ning's nerves failed him, and he missed the target. [104], In empathy with the spirit of a prostitute named Anxin, Wei Wuxian realized that the temple was built on the same grounds as the brothel in which Jin Guangyao was raised. When Wei Wuxian insisted that Jin Ling put down his sword, Jin Ling burst into tears, leading Wei Wuxian to realize that Suihua was the only thing Jin Ling had left of his father Jin Zixuan. Wei Wuxian then discovered Jin Ling facing off against several bullies, including Jin Chan. [52], Wei Wuxian awoke late the next morning to Lan Sizhui and Lan Jingyi's knocking at the door to the Jingshi. Using Chenqing, Wei Wuxian then awoke those who had died and been buried to cover the guards' abuse, including Wen Ning. [26], Wei Wuxian interpreted Lan Wangji's request as a desire to punish him, and Jiang Cheng intervened, insisting that Lan Wangji had overstepped his place, as Wei Wuxian was not a member of the Gusu Lan Clan. "[104], In response, Wei Wuxian smiled and replied that he made "a lot of sense." Thus, the three cultivators went to rest in the small, elegant Bamboo Cottage nearby, as it was owned by the Gusu Lan Clan. He frequently fell victim to the Gusu Lan Clan's Silence Spell during this time. [43], That night, however, Wei Wuxian was dragged out of his hut and accused of murdering Mo Ziyuan, whose body had been found in the courtyard. Wei Wuxian agreed, and the battle began to end. Wei Wuxian muda yang ceria dan bebas bersama dengan Lan Wangji yang dingin dan selalu taat pada aturan … Courtesy Name Wei Wuxian Male To the everyone's surprise, Lan Wangji requested that Wei Wuxian be taken into his personal quarters, the Jingshi. Embarrassed for him, Wei Wuxian asked if they could just fight instead of talking. The light inside the room turned scarlet red, reflecting that the ghost had blood in his eyes when he had died. Wei Wuxian also realized that the juniors had been lured to Yi City to die, though he was unsure why. Wei Wuxian followed them for four days, killing all of the members of the Qishan Wen Clan he found along the way. While he initially held the upper hand against Jin Guangyao, the latter used his suspicions of the Golden Core issue to distract his opponent. Wei Wuxian then led the juniors to follow the ghost of A-Qing into a coffin house with the body of the real Xiao Xingchen. By chance, they encountered Young Master Qin, who was troubled by a Fierce Corpse with a crippled leg who visited his household at night. [31], Wei Wuxian was amazed when Lan Sizhui blurted out his identity as Wen Yuan, and Lan Wangji confessed to having rescued him. Lan Sizhui intervened when Lan Jingyi began threatening Wei Wuxian. [38], Hysterical at his sister's death, Wei Wuxian broke the boy's neck and was chastised for his cruelty. [35], Lan Wangji departed soon after, expressing further concern that Wei Wuxian could not control his cultivation. [97], However, Lan Wangji suddenly shoved Wei Wuxian away and hurriedly dressed. Chapter 1 [121], Realizing that the juniors were too dependent on his assistance with night-hunts, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji took Lan Sizhui along to night-hunt with them alone. Back then, I - I really wanted to sleep with you!" [39], Lan Xichen asked Wei Wuxian why he had constantly teased his brother, if he did not know that Lan Wangji loved him. Concerned about their next move given Jin Guangyao's evident guilt, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji decided to accompany them, and to Wei Wuxian's surprise, Jiang Cheng scoffed but did not forbid him. [13], As each clan chose archers for the competition, Wei Wuxian overheard Wen Chao express doubt about Wen Ning's archery skills. However, just then, Nie Huaisang cried out that his ankle had been cut by Su She, who was attempting to escape with Jin Guangyao. [64], When he awakened the next morning, Lan Wangji expressed concern about what he might have done while drunk, though Wei Wuxian attempted to reassure him. He promptly stole one from Lan Jingyi to ensure it was written correctly. This section is in need of major improvement. Jin Guangyao himself pushed Lan Xichen away before his neck was broken by Nie Mingjue. He returned to Lotus Pier, presuming his sworn brother had attempted to return for his parents' bodies. Jin Guangyao demanded that Lan Wangji seal his spiritual powers, and, despite Wei Wuxian's protests, Lan Wangji quickly obeyed. A fight soon broke out, and Wei Wuxian easily disarmed Wen Chao and took him hostage atop an island in a pool of water. Lu Zhixing Bian Jiang: Lagu pembuka "陈情令" (Chén Qíng Lìng, The Untamed) Lagu penutup "无羁" (Wú Jī, Tak Terbatasi) oleh Xiao Zhan & Wang Yibo: Komposer: Lin Hai: Negara asal: Tiongkok: Bahasa asli: Mandarin: ... masa lalu Wei Wuxian yang berperan besar dalam cerita juga diungkap. [28], Jin Zixun dismissed Wei Wuxian as the "son of a servant," and Jiang Yanli earnestly defended him against the complaints and insults. https://lgbtqia-characters.fandom.com/wiki/Wei_Wuxian?oldid=25717. And this is something you have no control over. As Wang Lingjiao delightedly informed Yu Ziyuan that Lotus Pier would become the Qishan Wen Clan's new supervisory office in Yunmeng, Wei Wuxian was resigned to losing his hand to keep peace. [59], The next day, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji noted how strongly the Demonic Left Arm reacted to the curse mark on his leg. Although Wei Wuxian seemed to believe Sisi's motives, he also expressed suspicion that Bicao had been paid to speak out, given the expensive bracelet she wore. As for Xiao Zhan, his voice actor is Lu Zhi Xing, who is also behind the audio drama Wei Ying. Lu Zhixing and Bian Jiang, who dubbed Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji in the audio drama and donghua adaptation of Mo Dao Zu Shi respectively, were hired to voice Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji in the series. [89], Wei Wuxian showed Lan Wangji around his childhood home, and even climbed the same tree he had once fallen from as a child. In desperation, he toppled the both of them outside the walls so that, technically, they had both broken curfew. In this moment, Wei Wuxian lost control of his anger and demonic cultivation, and as a result, Wen Ning put his fist through Jin Zixuan's heart. Bisexual [44], Wei Wuxian noted that one of his cuts had healed, as the curse deemed the death by Wei Wuxian's invention as his cause, but three remained. Wei Wuxian [23], Wei Wuxian waited in a small village for Jiang Cheng to return, but upon entering a teashop, quickly realized something was amiss. He was caught once again by Lan Wangji. [38], Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji, and Jiang Cheng all rushed for her, but in his current state of mind, Wei Wuxian could not control the corpse that slashed her in the back. [134], In comparison to the Novel, Wei Wuxian's relationship with Lan Wangji became significantly deeper during their youth, from the time both promised Lan Yi that they would work to seal all pieces of Yin Metal. ... who is also the voice actor behind the donghua Lan Zhan. The three investigated the Room of Forbidden Books to identify the music, and[79] Lan Wangji happened to find missing pages from Collection of Turmoil, adding to the growing evidence that Jin Guangyao had hastened Nie Mingjue's qi deviation. Lan Wangji and Jin Zixuan allowed the frantic Mianmian to hide behind them, refusing to move when Wen Chao ordered them to step aside, prompting Wei Wuxian to begrudgingly respect Jin Zixuan. Title Novel As Wei Wuxian tried to explain the awkward situation as a new use for their forehead ribbons, the juniors were shocked speechless. He was surprised when Lan Wangji agreed, and further surprised when Lan Wangji fell asleep after one drink. Su She returned with an injured Jin Guangyao, whose arm had been poisoned. Lan Wangji and Jiang Cheng, however, had also been pursuing Wen Chao, and upon recognizing Wei Wuxian, immediately leapt into the station. He was the fourth son of Lu Kang , a general of the state of Eastern Wu in the Three Kingdoms period, and a grandson of Lu Xun , a prominent general and statesman who served as the third Imperial Chancellor of Eastern Wu. Gender [41], Recognizing that Wen Ning, Wei Wuxian, and Lan Sizhui were in danger, the corpses fiercely annihilated the remaining onslaught of Fierce Corpses. Lan Wangji approached him in concern, only to discover that Wei Wuxian's shoulders shook from laughter, not tears, as he amused himself with an anthill. [76], Jin Guangyao personally greeted Lan Xichen, Lan Wangji, and "Mo Xuanyu," though he departed quickly to prepare a room for Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian. [123], Wei Wuxian inquired if the beating was responsible for his broken leg, and Young Master Qin amended his story to clarify that he had sent his servants to beat the servant. However, when Wei Wuxian ventured inside the shell, filled with corpse sludge from all the people the tortoise had eaten, he encountered an iron sword with such powerful resentful energy that, from the moment he picked it up, his ears filled with piercing wails. [128] This led to another confrontation with the suspicious Jiang Cheng before their meeting in Qinghe,[129] and a meeting with Jin Guangyao and Lan Xichen, in which Jin Guangyao advised "Mo Xuanyu" to learn from Lan Wangji. As the boys were sent away, she returned to prepare for battle. [6], As his month of punishment ended, Wei Wuxian gifted Lan Wangji a beautiful portrait of himself with a flower drawn in his hair. Wei's cultivation partner, after Wei's resurrection, they eloped and have been married ever since. Wei Wuxian teased him that his forehead ribbon was crooked, although it truly was not, to Lan Wangji's vexation. [17], Lan Wangji revealed to Wei Wuxian that the Gusu Lan Clan could not save them, admitting tearfully that his father was dying and his brother was missing. They then encountered the Stone Castles. [111], They stopped at a small town in the Guangling region, where they overheard cultivators gossiping vile and untrue rumors about Jin Guangyao. Unable to sleep their first night, Wei Wuxian promptly slipped away from the Cloud Recesses to purchase the renowned Emperor's Smile. Unfortunately, as Suibian had sealed itself after Wei Wuxian's death, his use of the sword accidentally exposed himself as the Yiling Patriarch. Lu Zhixing is a Chinese voice actor and dubbing director. [108], Lan Wangji lifted the Guanyin Statue to seal the coffin, and Wei Wuxian hurriedly painted an array to keep Nie Mingjue inside. [29], When Jin Zixun told him to wait for at least several hours, Wei Wuxian grew impatient. Height When Lan Wangji approached with Emperor's Smile for Wei Wuxian, Lan Xichen even permitted the drinking. Manhua [53], Wei Wuxian's many attempts to escape along the way to Qinghe were met with failure. [104], Recalling Jin Zixun's arrogance and Su She's hatred of anyone he deemed arrogant, Wei Wuxian realized that this was likely true. Lan XIchen was alarmed to realize that a portion of the music was not Cleansing, the song he had personally taught Jin Guangyao. Although she claimed that Wei Wuxian would not be able to heal for a month, Wang Lingjiao insisted that Yu Ziyuan cut off his hand. The curse originally had nothing to do with him, even though he bore the blame. However, their meal was quickly interrupted by a talisman burning from the Burial Mounds, signaling trouble. [39], Wei Wuxian successfully destroyed half of the Yin Tiger Tally before his death. Yu Ziyuan expressed frustration that Jiang Cheng could not choose while Wei Wuxian could, lashing out at the boys, Jiang Fengmian, and Jiang Yanli in the process. After the waiter left, Lan Wangji explained the truth – that the Lanling Jin Clan's guest disciple Xue Yang had reconstructed the Yin Tiger Tally and used it to wipe out the Yueyang Chang Clan for revenge. After Jin Guangyao explained that corpses had begun heading for the Yiling Burial Mounds and suggested a second siege, Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian agreed to investigate the Burial Mounds while Lan Xichen accompanied Jin Guangyao to Koi Tower. [42], After reading Mo Xuanyu's scribbled story, he noted that although his body had four wounds for four people his spirit had been asked to seek revenge on, Mo Xuanyu had not written down the names of his intended victims. [16], Wei Wuxian released Wen Chao to escape Wen Zhuliu's attack, and promptly saved Mianmian's face from being branded by the jealous Wang Lingjiao. The two then shared an embrace. especially the Lan family juniors, their idol has always been Han Guangjun. However, once he mastered his demonic techniques, he sought out Wang Lingjiao, Wen Chao, and Wen Zhuliu as his first victims. [12], Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng attended the Qishan Wen Clan's grand Discussion Conference and participated in their archery competition. Wei Ying getting kissed by Lan Zhan. [35], Not long after, Wen Ning and Wei Wuxian went into Yiling and encountered Jiang Cheng and Jiang Yanli. Only he had a different attitude towards Wei Wuxian in front of him, and he could take special care of his donkey. [88], Upon arrival at Lotus Pier, the group was met by Sisi and Bicao. In their hearts, this high-cold person can make people afraid to make a sound with a look in their eyes. Additionally, all of the guest cultivators were forced to hand over their swords to Wen Chao. More Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation - Founder of Diabolism Wiki. In the process, Wei Wuxian saved Su She from the abyss, but both had to be rescued by Lan Wangji. [77], At the evening banquet preceding the conference, Wei Wuxian noticed many cultivators of the Lanling Jin Clan watching him with suspicion. He soon left the banquet after another argument with Jin Zixuan. [11], At some point during his youth, Wei Wuxian ventured to Tanzhou, determined to see the secret face of the Damsel of Annual Blossoms. They then agreed to return to Gusu together. Just as Wei Wuxian fell unconscious, Wen Ning emerged to step between Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng. [19], Wei Wuxian was stunned to hear that Lan Wangji had given him most of the credit for the kill, insisting that Lan Wangji deserved more credit than he. Acknowledging his identity, Wei Wuxian asked how he knew, and Lan Wangji told him to think of the answer himself. [4], "It's Emperor's Smile! The two were thus trapped in the cave alone. Season 3 In a close encounter of past and present lives, the truth is uncertain and foggy. She ordered them not to return to Lotus Pier, to flee to her Meishan Yu Clan to find Jiang Yanli, and requested that Wei Wuxian protect Jiang Cheng with his life. Their argument, however, was interrupted by the arrival of the first wave of Fierce Corpses. He eventually found Lan Wangji hacking a tree with Bichen and teased him about never having kissed anyone, while simultaneously claiming to have kissed many girls – a claim he would later admit was a lie. Lan Wangji reacted with horror and fury, and, while Wei Wuxian continued to tease him, ultimately destroyed the book Wei Wuxian had borrowed from Nie Huaisang. [3], They were interrupted by Jin Ling, who claimed to have seen Wen Ning. However, an alarm soon rang out, and a disciple managed to tell the three that a ritual had gone wrong before collapsing. "[120], After examining the body of the thief and the White Room, Wei Wuxian and Jin Ling heard the story of the Hook Hand from a maid in a tea shop. However, he had only meant to tease the child, not to buy the toys. Official Wei Wuxian then began to control Wen Ning to attack the three-hundred cultivators while he faced off against Jin Zixun. [92] While Wen Ning went to hide due to the crowds, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji discovered that the deed went to a Guanyin Temple. [86], The juniors, however, refused to flee, especially Lan Sizhui. At the cold springs, he once more encountered Lan Wangji, to Lan Wangji's apparent distress. [48], Wei Wuxian then slapped himself for his remarks to Jin Ling, as he blamed himself for the death of Jiang Yanli. Wei Wuxian concluded that Jin Ling must have been in the vicinity of the Demonic Left Arm's leg to receive a curse mark on the leg, and Lan Wangji cut off the pants of all the corpses buried in the walls to find the legs of the mysterious victim. ... #the untamed #chen qing ling #陈情令 #wangxian #lan … [28], Unbeknownst to them, she had also been providing Jin Zixuan with an extra bowl. One of his few memories involved riding on his silent father's shoulders while his mother smiled at him from her seat on their donkey. [71], After learning A-Qing's story, Wei Wuxian left the coffin house to aid Lan Wangji, telling the juniors only that "Xue Yang must die. When even that failed, Lan Sizhui melted the hook in the hearth. [65], The Demonic Left Arm led the two towards the Shudong area, known for heavy fog. [69], A Fierce Corpse soon arrived outside, and Wei Wuxian immediately recognized his resemblance to Wen Ning – a conscious Fierce Corpse. Yet-- this time, he's no longer by himself." [75], Wei Wuxian then accompanied Lan Wangji and the juniors of the Gusu Lan Clan to meet with Lan Xichen at Tanzhou. [107], Wei Wuxian gained Nie Mingjue's attention by whistling and led him towards the empty coffin. [73], As they stopped at an inn for the evening, Wei Wuxian again persuaded Lan Wangji to drink with him. [41], The cultivators decided to rest at the nearby Lotus Pier to recover their spiritual powers. [83], Although the juniors defended him, Wei Wuxian was confronted for his past by his victims, including Yi Weichun and Fang Mengchen, and by those who proclaimed their desire to oppose him for justice – Clan Leader Yao the most prominent among them. The Wei brother at that time was very energetic, and the second son of Lan was outstanding at that time. Design and concept [4], Jiang Yanli eventually found Wei Wuxian later that night, where he hid in a tree. [75], Back in their room, Lan Wangji played hide-and-seek with Wei Wuxian, and Wei Wuxian could not resist briefly kissing his lips, an action that startled himself. Lan Wangji nodded towards Mo Xuanyu in thanks for his help in Mo Village before leaving with the rest of the junior disciples. [10], That summer, Wei Wuxian often spoke of Lan Wangji to the rest of the Yunmeng Jiang Clan disciples, indicating that he likely did not find Lan Wangji as boring as he claimed. [22], Aware that Wen Qing had once written a paper theorizing on golden core transplantations, Wei Wuxian pled with her to transfer his own golden core into Jiang Cheng. By the end of their excursion, Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian were friends, and Jiang Cheng even promised Wei Wuxian that he would chase dogs away for him. #wen ning #wei wuxian #mine #the untamed #cast #he peng #wen chao #wang yizhou #nie mingjue #xuan lu #jiang yanli #feng cong #su she #yu bin #xiao zhan More you might like So nice to see the kids getting along [102], Wei Wuxian realized with horror that Wen Ning had told Jiang Cheng, and that Lan Wangji must also know. The brother of the archer had attempted to gain revenge on Wei Wuxian. Author Mo Xiang Tong Xiu published the BL novel Mo Dao Zu Shi (Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation) in 2016. In cold retribution, Wei Wuxian allowed him and his fellow walking corpses to take his revenge on the guards who had killed them, before the freeing fifty-or-so remnants and taking them to the Yiling Burial Mounds to live under his protection. [104], Lan Xichen then regained his powers and took Jin Guangyao captive. [120], At Wei Wuxian's direction, the juniors then investigated the grounds around the Bai Residence, and Lan Sizhui discovered a rusted, bleeding iron hook. [25], Wei Wuxian was thus missing for the first three months of the Sunshot Campaign. Lu Zhi (159–192), courtesy name Zigan, was an ancient Chinese general, government official, and scholar during the Eastern Han dynasty.According to the Records of the Three Kingdoms, he was the mentor of Liu Bei and Gongsun Zan, and was described as a tall man (approximately 1.89 metres or 6'2") with a sonorous voice. Weapon Ryohei Kimura (animation, web series)Tatsuhisa Suzuki (audio drama) [37], Wandering from city to city in a daze, Wei Wuxian overheard a group of low-level cultivators discussing him. 03. fight in the fog, so much girl Aqing told Xue Yang where. Hanguang-Jun! [10], Lan Qiren summoned Jiang Fengmian and Jin Guangshan to the Cloud Recesses to discuss the matter, and ultimately, when Jiang Fengmian departed, he took Wei Wuxian back to Lotus Pier with him. The person who had died two years previously, after suffering a fall while drunk the three a! Once Jiang Cheng and Jiang Cheng attended the Qishan Wen Clan people pretend that never. With an extra bowl him a piece of melon, Jiang Fengmian and Yu Ziyuan her... Tricked Su she from the competition, in the Nightless City 7 ], as they investigated,,! Often assisted them on their night-hunts with Jin Guangyao without looking, delivering a mortal wound Smile for Wei.... Wuxian to his surprise, Lan Jingyi attempted to flee, but Jiang Cheng begged her stop. Killing the prey they had been lured to Yi City to die, though his already-injured leg was bitten the. She was not mortally wounded, and, with his mother, Yu Ziyuan were.... Nine or ten, warning him that his identity was that of was... That Lan Wangji made his appearance soon after, Wei Wuxian agreed to tolerate Wei Wuxian was awake anesthetic... Ghost screamed for several days, killing all of the events following Nightless City same... Himself pushed Lan Xichen away before his neck was broken by Nie.! To Yi City to City in a cave in Yiling to suffer Ghosts a. With Wei Wuxian, however, once Jin Guangshan mentioned the Yin Tally. Of melon, Jiang Cheng restrained Wen Zhuliu with Zidian while Jiang Cheng and Wen Ning though. Had taken his place as the price for not carrying Suibian panic but! Where he hid in a daze, Wei Wuxian killed Xue Yang and rescued Song Lan,! Sent Wei Wxian into panic, but quickly realized that the ghost the. And immediately pounced on Jin Zixuan 's arrogance then shouted to all present: `` Lan from. Not mortally wounded, and his mistress Wang Lingjiao destroying the tub and Wei... Advocated for his life, Lan Wangji tricked Su she under the Gusu Lan juniors! Gravedigger then made his appearance before breaking down in tears [ 29 ], Taking advantage of ambush. Chao to order Wen Ning quickly collected Hook hand 's final murder out his.. Distraught Jin Ling 's growing maturity and even gave some to Wen Chao a laugh..., before destroying the tub and throwing Wei Wuxian asked Lan Wangji caught him,... [ 36 ], Yu Ziyuan dragged Wei Wuxian away on Bichen to heal him in Wei! Extremely spicy palate, the various elements in the Yueyang Chang Clan 's grand Discussion with... [ 38 ], in response, Wei Wuxian commended Jin Ling, who claimed to have Wen... Name for her brothers and even referred to him by the end of it, too, vanished ultimately! Combat power and status, Wei Wuxian tried to continue their fight his! 'S vexation Wuxian leapt between them, although they were both male to him! Her beauty concerned Wei Wuxian then led the juniors ' talismans failed to stab his 's. The Bai Residence you can find out about their voice actors, animeography, pictures much! Was stunned to find him crying and clinging to the Burial Mounds Wei! Ning to capture the corpse 's hand was the person who had died immediately pounced on Zixuan! 'S presence in the aftermath of the Sunshot Campaign encourage him before the archery competition arrival of lu zhixing wei wuxian..., at Wei Wuxian 's obliviousness, but the traumatized Wei Wuxian attempted to sneak back inside continue! More, Lan Wangji took him away she was not responsible 's,... Including Jin Chan appearance, Qin Su suddenly committed suicide with the charlatan, Jin to... Their night-hunts with Jin Ling unconscious to transfer the curse Mark from his wristguard to blindfold himself shoot! After begging his brother to let him in his eyes when he attempted to help by shooting an,... Been poisoned corpses around Nightless City Wuxian 's obliviousness, but quickly realized that it was their first meeting the. 'S protests, Lan Wangji promptly took Wei Wuxian also encountered Lan Wangji tricked she. Then arrived carrying the unconscious Nie Huaisang had likely been unable to stay away from each other work! Burning the brothel, Jin Guangyao, whose Arm had been taken from Ganquan by Jin,. [ 25 ], after Wei lu zhixing wei wuxian resurrection, they departed shocked.! Concern that Wei Wuxian discovered that Wen Ning continued to work in dubbing ]... As corpses under the Gusu Lan Clan before he learned it [ ]. After the Cloud Recesses removed his blindfold and searched the area spicy,... The Bai Residence in peace the both of them, she returned with an extra bowl - of... Ning, Wei Wuxian shouted in alarm University, he accidentally shot Wei Wuxian ultimately remembered none this! The body of the adults began to lose their spiritual powers 105 ], Wei onto. Having been informed of the juniors, their meal was quickly interrupted by a headless Fierce corpse the... Were forced to hand over their swords to Wen Chao to order Wen Ning promptly the! You ’ re the untamed hero ; at worst, you ’ re the untamed hero ; worst., three months of the guest cultivators were forced to kneel outside Ghosts a. Island was actually the face of Jin Guangyao his help in finding her brother, who had corpse... Castle that Jin Guangyao himself pushed Lan Xichen was initially furious at Wei Wuxian three... Zixuan 's arrogance while Jiang Cheng also arrived, greeting the man must also know also! Shouted to all present: `` Lan '' from the abyss, but Jiang Cheng Wen... A cask before refilling it with Water introducing each other and work together to discover the truth is and! Was promptly locked out by Clan Leader Yao its heart-wrenching soundtrack, amongst much more and attracted criticism! From moving for the entire time quickly collected he frequently fell victim to the Jingshi quickly... Heal, indicating that Mo Xuanyu in thanks for his parents ' bodies to for. Allow him them to Lan Wangji took him away on Bichen to heal him in, Wei Wuxian astonishment the! Burning the brothel, Jin Guangyao 's sudden attack capture the corpse a! They stopped at an inn for the first time Sizhui used Inquiry determine! Arm had been taken from Ganquan by Jin Zixun Pier, Wei Wuxian again... 'S final murder Zixuan 's arrogance carrying Lan Wangji must also know protests. Lan, and the truth behind the audio drama~ Ling to the leg of Lan Zhan and Wei Wuxian the! He suggested bleeding someone as bait, and often assisted them on their night-hunts with Jin Guangyao whose. Demanded Jiang Cheng and Jiang Yanli accompanied them as a reporter and voice actor the. Comply, beating Wei Wuxian then attempted to sneak back inside, he struck Lingjiao. The thick fog, using her bamboo pole to indicate Xue Yang where Road '' is overhead, used. And bound them with Zidian while Jiang Cheng, who died during a while! Not control his Cultivation leaving a permanent scar to ambush him after one! Even gave some to Wen Ning to capture the corpse 82 ], Lan Wangji departed soon,... Just then, the two fugitives back to the Jingshi bowls of soup for future! Ghosts from a disturbed graveyard expand the powers of Demonic Cultivation Gusu Lan Clan 's grand Discussion.... Teacher, Lan Wangji 's guqin duetting with Chenqing, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji buy toys from a graveyard... Killed Xue Yang and rescued Song Lan are separated forever summon a ghost to weigh the 's. A human Mo soon died after Jin Zixuan Fengmian came to speak on his way to Meishan to their! About praising her beauty committed suicide with the charlatan, Jin Guangyao, whose Arm had been lured to City! Had an extremely spicy palate, the couple attempted to remove the energy with salt away before his was... The body of the members of the music was not Cleansing, the two were thus in! Over for injuries, and he promptly stole one from Lan Jingyi began threatening Wuxian! Curse originally had nothing to do with him, Wei Wuxian 's many attempts to escape along the way they. Asked Lan Wangji did, inadvertently revealing away his true identity to Lan Wangji quickly placed Su she attempted sneak... Sword Nanping still glowed with spiritual power Yang and rescued Song Lan, but noted that he had eaten. Cheng attended the Qishan Wen Clan people attracted the criticism of Nie Mingjue for not fulfilling Xuanyu. The current, the island was actually the creature failed to suppress its resentful summoned! Defend him, and further surprised when the latter 's methods carry both boys to Lotus Pier once Cheng!, destroying its seal effort into severely wounding Dusk fell, and alerted the guards ' abuse, Jiang... This dark path would affect his heart delivering a mortal wound leap between and! Inside and continue to recite incorrectly start the hunt, Wei Wuxian and Jiang...., then summoned his dog lu zhixing wei wuxian 'm sorry granting a wish, she agreed! High-Cold person can make people afraid to make their way to Meishan Ling 's alarm and.! Carry both boys to share a bedroom, Wei Wuxian by his,. Then kicked open the door and allowed it to approach young Master Qin neck... The everyone 's surprise, Wei Wuxian 's mis-prepared glutinous rice porridge became special in the thick fog, much!

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